Tomorrow's cryptography for today's world

The advent of Quantum Computing comes with the promise of great advances and one concrete threat, ending information privacy as all current cryptography is vulnerable to an attacker with enough computational power and specially to Quantum Computing.
We have developed and have available today a cryptographic technique capable of resisting an attacker having an infinite computational power.

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What is Our Edge?

Our edge and what makes as unique is that we did not create a new cipher,
we defined a new category in cryptography.

We created a whole new encryption technique from which many different ciphers
can be built up and every one with the same level of security.

And we have patented it.

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Patented Technology

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Patent US10,873,448 for our encryption technique.
Patents in the European Union, India and other countries are soon to be granted.

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Freedom of Choice

Do you need a cipher to ensure the secrecy and privacy of your information?
We can build one for you!
Do you want to create your own secure cipher?
We can teach you how to do it!
Do you want to create secure ciphers for your own customers?
We can help you do it!

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Application Fields

Our patented technique can be applied to design and build up different ciphers for different fields of application, every one with the same level of security and resistance to any attack. If you are looking for a cipher for your specific needs, we can build it for you. If you want to create your own ciphers for your own use or to implement them into solutions for your customers, we can license our technology and teach you how to do it.

Database and Cloud storage

Format Preserving Encryption to preserve sensitive information in transit and at rest without the need to modify existing data structures.

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Internet of Things

Full secure encryption for the Internet of Things (IoT). Any device capable of connecting to the IoT can use our full cryptography.

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Partial Encryption

Using our technology, you can selectively encrypt portions of a file or data stream.

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Big Data Encryption

Do you need to fastly encrypt big amounts of data? We have the right tool for you.

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Do you want to use encryption in any other field? Contact Us!